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An intimate group space, unraveling the Self

into peace and groundedness during the Winter months.

What lies beyond the illusions of hustling, especially during the slow Winter months?

Is your entire being yearning for the sense of nourishment and renewal before the year builds towards the external energies of Spring & Summer? This mini course is designed for you to lean into nourishing and grounding practices for the body, mind and soul. 

We dive into the importance of nourishing foods during the Winter season, self-pleasure as connection with the body and body oiling to renew from the outside in. 






























Nourishment from the inside out

Guest Teacher Kearsley Tate will join us to share in Winter's energetics. We will dive into Winter's medicinal foods and herbs and how to prepare those in the comforts of your home to nourish the body from the inside out.


Ceremony & Celebration

This week we celebrate the full moon and the height of pleasures within the body with Leanne Falco. She will lead us through a guided breast massage and how we can bring pleasure into the body by attending to ourselves.


Nourishment from the outside in

With focus on traditional Ayurvedic ways, we will focus on abyhanga body oiling and massage as a way to bring warmth from the outside in. Accompanied by techniques of keeping warmth in the body during this season.


The Course

3 Weekly Group Zoom Sessions


2 Guest Teachers

 Kearsley Tate of

Leanne Falco @leanne.falco


Telegram Group Chat & Support

Tuesday Evenings in January

5pm pacific

11th, 18th, & 25th

Early Bird Pricing is available through January 3rd


Hear From Your Sisters

"Thank you for sharing the art of flow with me and walking beside me as I rediscovered parts of myself long neglected. Thank you especially for teaching me more about fertility and the moon cycle, which was a huge step in nurturing my physical self. Our work together helped me restructure and find home in myself again. I am better at slowing down, grounding, and connecting with my body; your knowledge helped me build a strong foundation to keep moving forward in building consistent, committed practices. - Suzanna P

I want you to know how much of a positive impact you've had on the evolution of my life, Breta. It was the practice of honoring the cycles within and around me that helped me get grounded and find stillness to really evaluate and listen to my higher self, to hear spirit. Thank you for what you put into the world every day. You're amazing and you're changing the world for the better! 💕🥰 - Nooshi D.

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