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Winter Womb, Solitude with Oneself

It’s now among this December new moon that it feels cold, lonely and dark. So there’s effort to stay warm indoors, providing for yourself; as nature too, resides inward in the warmth of the Mother Earth.

Feminine warmth brings one back to the womb of darkness, where all creation lies. Approaching the very end of this sun cycle- become to know, see, understand what this year has brought you. Beyond the shifts and changes externally, are but a mere distraction of your soul’s truth and journey.

Image via Cirstina Gottardi

Solitude is deeply powerful medicine. In the quiet of knowing yourself through daily actions, observing thought formations, and bringing a sense of love into each moment, one knows.

Knows about Self, about stories being revealed. Sight from the eye of knowing and what would like to birth during the stillness of creation.

It is a disciplined effort to stay here and visit this womb of winter each day. Yet, it is not hard. It’s simply an intentional effort to know you can. To understand one will feel higher, lighter, better and that you have got to want to seek it, find it, be with it, for it to unravel. Keep your threads strong, don’t lose hope - it’s the same for your leap forward into sharing your story. Even if that means an honest look at accepting your own story.

So stay in the uncomfortability, try something new. Adopt a practice that becomes your foundation. This is your sovereign gift and you’re worthy to claim it.

image via Thought Catalog

Journal Questions

  • Do I create the quiet stillness I need in order to see, hear, understand and know? How does this look for me?

  • Have I truly sat in solitude before this awareness of the Winter Womb?

  • Does sitting in solitude make me feel uncomfortable? Why?

  • Do I have the inner-knowing and faith that I am not alone?

  • What practices can I create to set a solid foundation for the coming year?

  • How do I feel and know Spirit within me and outside me?

  • What is brewing within you, ready to be birthed?

  • What is ready to be left in this past year's sun cycle year?

As you’re never truly alone, instead one is asked to seek beyond the perception of the seeing eyes and into the unknown, beyond space to see. To know that Great Spirit is around you in all ways. Seek to ask and receive the practice of solitude and creation.

With warm, Winter Womb blessings,

breta moon

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