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A space of cyclical living,
co-creating with women,
leaning into the feminine essence.


Mentorship Sessions

- A Three or Six Month 1:1 Container, as a deep dive into your overall cycle wellbeing

- Three Package Session, to understand your body's cycle language and feel more connected to your body


Art of Flow

This group mentorship is for Women who are desiring to lead from their feminine energy and cyclical nature for alignment with their sacred moon cycles. 




Birth Work

- Holistic Birth Doula available through April 2023

- Postpartum Tending and Nourishing Meals, Weekly Support



My name is Breta and I feel passionate in guiding women back to their unique flow from the states of exhaustion and burnout! After burning out myself in 2017, I came to a moment in my life that changed everything and now I want to share that with you! I work 1:1 and in group containers to help you identify what's most important in your life, ditch the things leaving you tired and live the life you desire! 

Connection among women is vitally important. It is where each of us can express freely of our inner being. There is a craving, a longing, just to be heard, to be seen, and to be honored for the hard, diligent work that we put in everyday to keep our lives afloat. Our ancestors knew this and sat in circle together, to honor all of life, Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon. I hear you calling, sister. When we come together in sacred ceremony we honor the Divine Feminine and share in her archetypal energy!

As we celebrate the Divine Feminine energy within and without, we pay honor to the rhythms and cycles that are at play. Together we get to create our most vibrant lives, through transformation and support. Moon Rise weaves this healing energy, so we may Rise such as the Moon and Sun do each and every day.

Meet Breta

Sonia M.

For any woman in different stages in her life this course [Art of Flow] is beneficial. Brēta creates a safe community of women and shares with us vital information for all women to live and function happily and healthier. I am so grateful for my experience and all that opened up for me in taking this course.

Suzanna P.

"Thank you for sharing the art of flow with me and walking beside me as I rediscovered parts of myself long neglected. Thank you especially for teaching me more about fertility and the moon cycle, which was a huge step in nurturing my physical self. Our work together helped me restructure and find home in myself again. I am better at slowing down, grounding, and connecting with my body; your knowledge helped me build a strong foundation to keep moving forward in building consistent, committed practices. 

Nooshi D.

"When I started working with Breta, it was a year into the pandemic. Single mom, working from home, kiddo in online learning - I was a mess. By this time, I had mostly drifted away from my self-care practices and felt very lost. Breta was like a breath of fresh air. Each week, she would warmly greet me and check in with genuine curiosity and compassion. I felt seen, heard, and supported. She even provided a comprehensive summary of each session via email, which was just priceless for me."


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