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A space for women to feel held,
seen and witnessed along the journey of womanhood. Walking hand in hand next to you.


Mentorship Sessions Preconception Wellness

One on One sessions


Menstrual cycle charting basics and what fertile signs to track

Preconception Wellness & Nourishment through an ancestral lens


Mindful holistic healing + supportive remedies


Guidance + Support Along Your Preconception Journey


Holistic Birth Doula Offerings

Offering home-birth holistic doula services to support your growing family

Mindful awareness of your sacred birthing space as you court the edges of reality to meet your baby

Hands on support for mother, emotional support for father

Limited availability for 2023 + 2024


Postpartum Support

Homemade meals, beverages and foods specifically designed to support postpartum warmth

Milk making supporting snacks that you can always have handy

Emotional support and processing as you walk through matrescence

Errand running, house tidying, older children tending, anything you else you need during this sacred time


Over the years there has been much that has added to my story and why I deeply love supporting women. 

I believe all women, maidens, and mother's deserve a sister, friend and community supporter in this life. After all, the web of women is what brought us here and it will continue on for generations after us.

At this moment, I deeply desire to support you and your growing family. For many years I have been studying all things birth and listening to women's stories to create a better understanding of what women desire along the birthing continuum.

I will support you in preconception wellness, menstrual cycle charting, attend home-births as a holistic doula and serve you in your postpartum period with absolute joy!

Meet Breta

Sonia M.

For any woman in different stages in her life this course [Art of Flow] is beneficial. Brēta creates a safe community of women and shares with us vital information for all women to live and function happily and healthier. I am so grateful for my experience and all that opened up for me in taking this course.

Suzanna P.

"Thank you for sharing the art of flow with me and walking beside me as I rediscovered parts of myself long neglected. Thank you especially for teaching me more about fertility and the moon cycle, which was a huge step in nurturing my physical self. Our work together helped me restructure and find home in myself again. I am better at slowing down, grounding, and connecting with my body; your knowledge helped me build a strong foundation to keep moving forward in building consistent, committed practices. 

Nooshi D.

"When I started working with Breta, it was a year into the pandemic. Single mom, working from home, kiddo in online learning - I was a mess. By this time, I had mostly drifted away from my self-care practices and felt very lost. Breta was like a breath of fresh air. Each week, she would warmly greet me and check in with genuine curiosity and compassion. I felt seen, heard, and supported. She even provided a comprehensive summary of each session via email, which was just priceless for me."


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