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Hi there! I go by Breta, with a long e. 

This story is woven into the tapestry of my life's calling, so let me keep it simple for you.

  • I first heard the intuitive calling, received as a profound message, that I was to travel to Bali to study yoga. I listened and became a 200 hour Hatha Yoga teacher, with Santosha Yoga School in 2015. 

  • I also attended Santosha's Pre + Post Natal, Children's 30 Hour Yoga Course.

  • After years of teaching in beloved Bozeman, MT I heard another calling. After setting a New Moon intention to live sustainably, I made my way west to Southern Oregon. Here, I yearned for more study, one connected to women, ceremony, ritual and the sacred Moon Cycle.

  • I graduated with my 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training in the Akhanda Shakti method with Soul Work  (formerly, Passion Yoga School). Here Usha Anandi, with @wombenwellness, blew me open with the knowledge of women's mysteries!

  • Since then, I have been teaching Moon Cycle Wisdom and how to live life according through Moon Cycle Scheduling!

  • I have always been fascinated with sacred birthwork and again am listening to those heart strings, so I took Milk + Seed's Kitchen Apprenticeship for Postpartum Cooking. This six week course dove into the benefits of warming foods to nourish the new mama. I make loving meals for those in postpartum. 

  • As of April 2021, I am a Holistic Doula, trained through the Matrona with my teacher, Whapio. I am now open to attending births! 

  • I have studied in The Matrona's Birth Keeper's Cohort, Autumn 2021.

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