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Intuitive Holistic Birth and Postpartum Offerings

Brēta offers intuitively led, holistic birth and postpartum support for your journey into motherhood. She understands the immensity of change that takes place with pregnancy, birth and postpartum and offers a gentle touch of loving support. 

Birth and Postpartum Credentials


  • Brēta received her Holistic Birth Doula certificate through The Matrona with Diane "Whapio" Bartlett in April 2021. 

  • She also studied Postpartum Nourishment through Milk & Seed with Sophie Ward in Autumn 2020.  

Brēta believes every woman deserves the upmost nourishing care during birth and postpartum, so the transition into Mother can be graceful. She offers intuitive support and resources as needed, so that all your birthing and postpartum needs and desires can be met.


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As your home-birth doula, I offer you wholesome, tender care during your birth with both emotional and physical support. With a holistic approach, I believe physiologic led birth is available for every woman when uninterrupted. I am here to support you, witness you and offer a wise woman perspective.

We will meet twice before birth to talk over your birthing plans, answer questions you have, and align our expectations. I will also stop by postpartum to offer any resources for you and your partner and have an overall check-in.  My goal is for you to feel supported, educated and ready for birth as well as postpartum. 

I am on call 24/7 from 38-42 weeks by text and phone

Home-Birth Doula Price


Availability December 2023 - February 2024


As your postpartum doula I offer you in home care and nourishment. I believe that in the tender newborn days, Mother's need the most care, as she cares for her baby. This comes from many traditional cultures beliefs of the first 40 days as the most sacred time for a new mother.

I offer this support by supplying you with nourishing, postpartum aligned foods to keep your body warm, supple and allow for deep healing. I also believe this is a time for a mother to receive. This intuitive support is catered to you and your family through the lens of sacredness and ceremony. With a holistic view, meal prep, errand running, light tidying of the home, laundry and holding the baby while you shower or rest are always available.

 All postpartum packages include a postpartum gift basket intended to support motherbaby.

Then with each subsequent visit you will receive a warming drink, lactation supporting foods and/or postpartum sitz bath/yoni steam herbs prepared for you.

4 week support - $1200

6 week support - $1620

8 week support - $2040


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