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5 Ways to Honor Your Moon Time Bleed

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Our Moon time is sacred indeed. It is a time for a renewal and cleansing of the body through physical removal of the uterine lining. At this time, bacteria and sperm are also released with the blood. If we go beyond, we are also releasing and cleansing all the energy bodies. Moon Time can be viewed as a mini ego death every time we bleed. Can you think of some times where you were eager and ready to bleed and start a new cycle after experiencing heavy energy?

Bringing the idea that each cycle has its own particular theme and lessons that weave into the bigger tapestry of life can help to remind us of renewal. During your bleeding days of your new cycle, it is best to tune in through meditation and journaling to listen deeply. This way you can see what is being cleared, cleansed and renewed. The intuitive body and senses peak during bleed time as this is the most inward and feminine time for womyn. Allow yourself to hear what is arising as this can help set the tone for the next Moon Cycle ahead.

Creating sacred rituals and ceremony are acts of honoring your Sacred Moon Time Bleed. Here are five ways you can honor your Moon Time as you honor yourself.

photo by Ava Sol via UnSplash

1) Collect Your Moon Time Blood + Giveback to Mother Earth

  • If you use a menstrual cup, pour your blood (giveaway from the womb) into a glass jar with a lid. At some point during your bleeding days, giveback this gift to the Earth, house plants and even your garden! *always dilute your blood with water before giving back.

  • If you prefer Moon Time underwear, you can rinse them in a bowl of water, then pour the diluted blood and water solution into a jar.

  • If you are using a tampon you may also soaked the tampon in a water and squeeze out into a jar.

Think of this sacred reverence of giving back to the Earth as a way you can honor the abundance of life energy that is around you in all moments. Just as our sacred Mother Earth has held us many times, we can offer this giveaway from our body, back to her body. Create a song, poem or prayer that you can say when offering your sacred waters back to the Earth. Bring in gratitude and thank her for supporting you. Ask her to take this energy from your body and recycle it back into loving energy.

2) Slow Down and Open Space

During Bleed time, womyn are more receptive. This means that womyn can be open to receive divinely guided messages by slowing down and listening. When you open space to do nothing and simply be without any distractions, what could you receive? Think beyond the box, and remember that you are an expansive being connected to Source energy. Allow yourself to have a free schedule.

3) Bring Awareness into Release and Downward Flow

When you focus energy in a downward flow, you signal to the body that it is okay to release your Blood. Here are two game changers-

  • From the yogic perspective there are winds within the body known as Vayus. One in specific that governs the pelvis and downward elimination is Prana Vayu. To allow harmony within the body's natural process to remove the blood, remove all obstructions such as menstrual cups and tampons. This way you allow the downward flow to move with ease through the wind of Prana Vayu. This can be accomplished by using menstrual underwear when in the comfort of your home. Depending on your comfort level you may choose to use a preferred method if you are away from home. (p.s. not having something inside the Yoni while bleeding may help to reduce cramps! I found this out as my own discovery when I was switching between a menstrual cup and the underwear.)

  • Pelvic floor awareness is huge! Another way to release tension from cramps is to literally bring all your attention to your pelvic floor and release any held tension. Come back to releasing the pelvic floor at any moment it arrives into your awareness, so you may find that you naturally release and let go. Breathe into this letting go feeling. It is best if you can do this in a quiet space in nature, in your home or in the car!

4) Sing, Create, Dance and Play by Yourself

Can I share the importance of being alone during your Moon Time? I feel like as womyn, we often do not get enough alone time. This is the time when you may need it most too! If you have obligations and/or a family and you are thinking it's hard to be alone, then it's time to ASK for help and your needs to be met. Start small, ask your partner to take the responsibilities for 30 minutes to 1 hour everyday during your active bleeding time. When you can have your own space to sing, create, dance and play you can fill up your own cup to share throughout the rest of your cycle. Fill up ALONE! I have heard stories from womyn who have implemented this into their family dynamic and soon the whole family understood the importance of mama to take this time for herself every Moon Time.

Still feeling overwhelmed with this concept? You may want to know more about Moon Cycle Scheduling. This is a practice to not overextend the allotted energy your body has set for each moon cycle. In simple, do more and get more done in pre-ovulation and ovulation, (Inner Spring and Summer), outward/external part of your cycle. And in pre-menstrual and menstrual (Inner Fall and Winter), inward/internal, reel in your to do list and social engagements so you are making and creating enough time for YOURSELF.

5) Create Time to Meditate, Use Oracle Cards, + Journal

  • Tuning into meditations to hear and receive messages is important to better understand yourself, situations and the environment around you.

  • You can also add in divinity tools such as oracle or tarot cards by asking specific or general questions of what might lie ahead for your cycle. A simple three card spread as a general overview can work great. If you need more clarification, you can always ask for clarity and draw more cards.

  • Journaling is your track record for patterns, sense of renewal through your Moon Cycles and a great way for expression in the present moment.

You, sacred Womyn, are the most important asset to planet Earth. You birth visions, ideas and even humans into this world. You need to be taken care of, honored and respected, especially during your Moon Time Bleed. That means, take care of yourself first during this inward time. Bring in self-care and more loving actions and thoughts towards yourself and those in your immediate environment. The vision I hold is for every Womyn to be seen in this sacred light and it begins by you setting your boundaries of space, deep listening and creating alone time. It is for you to receive the messages sent to you, so you can better understand the theme for your next moon cycle ahead. You are worthy of this sacred space to be yours!

xx, Chelsey Breta Moon

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