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Five Things I Have Learned From my Moon Cycle

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Over the many years I have been tracking and studying my moon cycle, I have learned some important lessons from my body. I'll share them below and maybe you'll resonate with some of them as well.

1) I view my whole life through my moon cycle 🌑

Everything I experience, emote, feel in my life is directly related to my moon cycle. It feels outdated to think that my moon cycle is just something separate from my life. In reality is the very experience of being a woman! If I feel f*cking on top of the world, I bet you its because of ovulation. It's usually when miracles of abundance start pouring in too.. Then there are moments where things feel like they're falling apart and it's usually because I'm close to my moontime and the Inner Critic is coming out loud to reset my trajectory.

This is one of the main points we will cover in the upcoming Art of Flow Group Mentorship. Next round begins late December for the Winter Solstice gate.

2) Fully Trust my body's innate intelligence

This feels like an extension of above, I fully trust what my body is sharing, feeling, emoting with me. There's a moment when we have to remember we are fully primal, animal bodies (that haven't caught up to this fast tech world). So when the body speaks through symptoms, cramps, intuition, etc LISTEN! The body doesn't waste time relaying information, so I have learned to trust her innate intelligence! When something shows up, you better believe I take the body seriously. Ie. feeling a bad vibe from a situation or person- yep, I am out. Or when my p*ssy feels so alive with excitement, I'll follow it to greatness!

3) Noticing when Abundance energy arrives and scarcity creeps in

Phew... That's what comes to mind when I think of these energies of dichotomy that we experience in this 3D world on earth. I notice abundance floats around me in excess as I near ovulation because the hormones of the body are literally promoting it! We also begin to excrete pheromones that naturally attract people into our lives. When we really pay attention can we see this happening in real time? (it's why I love to keep a journal to record these moments)

I am sure you guessed it.. when we leave the energy of ovulation and dip into pre-menstruation, the Inner Critic can become so loud that we aren't at X, Y, Z points in our life, etc. that we can feel scarcity. This ties in with learning to trust the bigger picture because when this has shown up, I know to wait it out and everything always unravels even more beautifully that I could have imagined! We are never truly in scarcity- it's simply the mind creating lack. And is the dichotomy, there is always the other half - Abundance!

4) Ritual brings it all into perspective

If I am ever feeling un-connected to my body, Spirit, the Universe, I come back to ritual. I see ritual as those daily practices that keep us anchored to the earth, connected with the heavens - as above, so below. My favorite is setting a morning practice that brings you closer to your body and womb. In my journal, moon cycle tracker app, and calendar I write out what I am noticing for energies that morning, the cycle day I am on and make sure I am scheduling myself well.

Another ritual can be a womb meditation each morning or sitting in silence in nature. There are so many ways to wake slowly and bring in ritual! And let's not forget about an evening ritual as well! Close the day with awareness, what worked and what didn't. How did the moon cycle influence your day?

5) Bleeding in the winter vs summer feels different in my body

When I am bleeding in the winter, all I want is my sheepie slippers, mugs of tea and a good book. The coziness really comes on strongly and I embrace it whole heartedly. I have noticed over the past few years that when I bleed in the summer, I tend to rest for only one day on my moon. This is usually because there is so much daylight and things to tend to that I feel that pull of the masculine energy of summer to go out and do things.. This has caught up with me and tends to bring on those secondary and not normal symptoms of low back aches and cramping. (yes those are not normal! Ayurveda says the moon cycle isn't suppose to be painful! - Again we will talk about this in the Art of Flow group mentorship in detail)

After reading this, I wonder if you have noticed some of the same shifts in your body and moon cycle? It sure has taken time, lots of reflection and seeing through the lens of the moon cycle to better understand who I am as a woman!

And if you want more of this with support of women in community, check out the Art of Flow. I have poured my heart and womb into this offering over the past three years until it's been ready for you NOW!

If you feel called, share your thoughts in the comments below!

Lots of love,


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