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Beltane, Celebration of Sky and Earth's Divine Union

Fully into Spring, we begin to see the sacred Divine union of the Sky and Earth, celebrating their love together. Through budding trees to blossoming flowers, all life thrives during the days of Beltane. As the exact midway point of 15 degrees Taurus, Beltane marks halfway from Spring to Summer. This year solar Beltane is May 4 and lunar May 7. You can use this window of time to celebrate all that's growing for you.

Bel comes from the Celtic God, meaning bright one and Tane comes from Gaelic tradition meaning fire, Bright Fire. Many people would jump a fire to cleanse and purify themselves, although not recommended, you can symbolically bring fire into your life by creating your own ceremony.

Mother Earth and Father Sky meet during this time to share their divine union with each other. Sunlight and fertile soil, as a sacred dance, bring an abundance of foods, herbs and plants that allow all sentient beings to grow and be nourished. To honor this time is to honor all of life in its many forms.

Create Your Own Beltane Blessings Braid Ceremony

Create a list of all the fruitful, abundant gifts you have in your life. Give thanks for the growing plants, flowers, herbs, trees and food surrounding you. For this is the time of great fertility and all that is alive! Write down what you would like to see come to life for the rest of the year, think BIG. Remember, this is a time for purification and cleansing to release the stagnant and call forth the bright light of fertility and abundance.

During the evening of May 4, light a small fire outside (if allowed in your area) OR you can light a candle(s). Allow yourself to be outside to celebrate the fertile Mother Earth and Father Sky. Sing, dance and celebrate all that you have gratitude for! Bring your list you created and read it aloud with intention to call forth your remaining wishes and gratitude. Say a thank you prayer to the elements, land and sky, and all guides who have helped you along your path.

Then you can bring forth a Blessings Braid.

You will need red, green and white ribbons or yarn.

Red symbolizes fire, passion, courage and creativity. Green brings forth nature, rebirth and positive energy. While the white represents peace, harmony and abundance. Braid all three strands together and make a circle, connecting the braid together from top to bottom.

Next, take three pieces of paper. On the first, write something you are grateful for. The second, a life goal. And the third, write a blessing to the Earth. Make a scroll and open the threads of the braid, so you can place each paper scroll in equal distance from one another.

When you feel you are ready to leave your ceremony down all fire completely and give thanks for this ancient celebration of life during the midway point of Spring and Summer. Hang your Beltane Blessings Braid somewhere special where you can see each day. Remember your blessings as a daily practice.

May your wishes be blessed and may all that is meant for your Highest alignment come into fruition. Enjoy the beauty of this season, Sisters!

In loving abundance, from my fruitful heart to yours,

xx, Breta

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