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Embodiment of the Feminine

The thing I have remembered and have been hearing a lot as of late is that I AM WHOLE. I am whole in everything that has happened in my life. Yes, there has been times where I have been a lone wolf, searching for her soul under the dark night of the moon. I have sat and processed conditioning and programming from the external world. I have sat with childhood upsets and perceived traumas. I have opened my heart to heal. I have sat in discomfort even when I wanted to reach out for external help and validation. I have known all along that no one else can save me, that it will all be on my own accord. AND I am still WHOLE.

I reside in my wholeness as I have control over the mind and the stories it wants to create. I have befriended thy ego in order to see root causes of melodramas and attention seeking themes playing out. I have created and use daily ritual and ceremony to stay in my center. I know that everything within my Inner Being is a calm, sacred and safe haven to return home to.

Wholeness means to EMBODY all that has been, all that is, and all that will be. This embodiment becomes the Feminine energy Rising. It means that I own my story, all the darkness and shadows I have faced, all the light and loving energy I create. I own that each part of my story has led me to this moment of Wholeness of the Feminine and it would not have happened any other way. Each setback, disappointment, and discomfort has led me to the Womyn I now fully embody.

I embody her sensuality and sexuality and see all the ancestral stories that have played out yet again, in this generation, in my tissues. I heal those ancestral stories, so future generations need not suffer an old story. I Rise when spoken through from Spirit. I hear the guidance and know I am supported from Spirit. Spirit runs through my bones with a dedicated heart centered practice. I spread light and love that is within me for others to embrace.

I hold sisters to share her story, to allow her the space to own her story. I keep space for her to Rise, to stand tall and to share her authentic Voice. I Embody the Feminine, so we can all magnetize together. When this force grows stronger it amplifies for each one us, Sisters and Brothers to Heal.

I Embody the Feminine as to live true to Spirit, to follow the dharma of this lifetime. I inspire and radiate love for all to become in.

When the Feminine is Embodied, there is a home for her creative Shakti energy to FLOW through. This energy holds the water element as a keeper of Intuitive Feeling. Feeling, allowing, expressing, riding the waves and honoring nature herself through water energy as the Feminine in full Embodiment of her archetypal nature.

Breta - May 2019

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