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Empowerment through Chakra Alignment

“full fledged freedom to express deeply from within, you are to be here.”

Have you been here, empowered? the glimpse to be and feel your true authentic nature reigns above all worries, stressors, and anxiety ridden tendencies. well then.. why do we slip out of this experience of life? there are seven nadis, energetic bundles, along the spine of our bodies. each bundle holds the capacity to be in full empowerment, rotating in a clockwise motion. the opposite of this would be a blocked energetic feeling, not in full correspondence to your true, authentic nature.

this week's practice will ask you to be true to yourself. allow yourself a moment to sit in silence as you reflect in each chakra. here is where reflection takes place. arise, by observing what is blocked within you. these questions can become pertinent to look deeper inside yourself, to move energy that is stagnant and then get it flowing between the seven chakras of the body.

Muladhara, root chakra. do you feel safe, held in a space of love in your home environment? is your home stable or turbulent? do you consider your home to be a sanctuary where you can unwind, relax and find zen? color association is red. visualize your root, base of the perineum, grounded, as this chakra spins to bring a sense of security of where you are in life currently.

Swadhisthana, sacral chakra. is your creativity flowing through? what does this outlet look like specifically for you? when you have the space to create, what do you make? if you notice blockages here, begin to know you can realign this energy point to release blocks of creative force. vibrant orange color splashes to ignite the creative life within. visualize the creative version of yourself in the lower abdomen. all of your creative energy lies here, eagerly awaiting the chance to flow up into the next chakra up the spine.

Manipura, solar plexus chakra. can you feel the natural flow of your unique power? do you feel motivated to reach your next goal or do you feel inferior to a self-limiting circumstance? in this space located at the sternum - middle abdomen, is where we feel the natural courage to achieve our goals. when this is aligned and in flow begin to visualize the color yellow. imagine the sun giving you the energy you would like to attain to move forward and continue to grow ***these three chakras associate with the physical body and reality that we perceive.***

Anahata, heart chakra. the space of love resides everywhere in everything. when you are aligned fully in the heart you begin to see, smell, feel the love. are you here today? are you feeling resentful towards someone or to a specific circumstance? is there space inside you to be filled with love? the color of the heart chakra associates with green, and the upper heart with a soft pink. visualize what your life looks like as love swirls in every fiber of your life.

Vishuddha, throat chakra. are you able to communicate clearly? do truthful words pour out of your vocal chords awaiting to share your light? are you able to resonate with your inner voice and express your authentic nature? when this chakra is out of balance, reflect to see how the energy of your words affect what is going on around you. radiating a deep blue ocean color, imagine energy flowing from the throat that helps you to speak your truth and express yourself fully.

Ajna, third eye (pineal gland). when this chakra is spinning in full force, observation of life patterns and processes take place. review of past life events are able to be seen clearly. this chakra aligns inner visions, imaginations and insights to what is next in life. do you feel in balance here? are you able to understand what has happened in your life happens through you, not to you? indigo dances beams of light out of the third eye point, contain your focus here as you meditate upon this chakra to balance.

Sahasrara, crown chakra. at the top, the crown of the head spins in joyous movement, sending the energy here back down to the root chakra. when all chakras are balanced in alignment, does beauty swirl through your life in ecstatic joy? do you feel worthwhile, that you are living the life you are destined to? this chakra can be knocked out of balance by traumatic events, also the start of depression can take place in this energy center. know deeply that this work is all energetic and you have the ability to balance again. violet light reigns from your crown, reaching for the heavens. visualize the information you need to keep all seven chakras in alignment by opening up your crown as a funnel, to receive information from the Universe. as above, so below.

the throat, third eye, and crown chakras bring information down from an esoteric state into the physical of the bottom three chakras, root, sacral, and solar plexus. the heart chakra can be viewed as the mediator between messages the physical body sends and in which the esoteric body relays information for us to hear subtly.

may you enjoy this journey of alignment to feel your empowered Self rise above.

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