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Hatha Yoga

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

There are many lineages of yoga in the world today. Some that started deeply rooted in India, some that have come about through further study of the human psyche, body and Spirit. What is yoga exactly, especially hatha yoga? The root word of yoga is yug, meaning to yoke or be in union. Yoga is the scientific study of the body, mind, and Spirit when all three come together in union, a harmonious flow. As a Self-study, yoga provides a view into the inner realm of who you are at the core level. Are you this body? Are you the thinking mind? Are you Spirit? When one uses discipline of yoga practices and teachings, one is able to answer these questions in her own truth.

Hatha yoga is the harmonious joining of sun and moon energy. This can also be referred to as masculine and feminine energy. Hatha yoga can be practiced to create a balance of sun and moon energy in the body so the practitioner can feel balance in the psyche, better known as the mind. When the mind feels in balance, when the ego begins to understand that it is not in control, but rather, the heart, then the mind flows in harmony. In harmony, the mind ceases to worry or create anxiety. Hatha yoga shares with us that when we feel balanced as a whole being then we can know peace. This does not happen overnight, and it does take discipline to be balanced. One asana session will not have ever lasting effects in the body, mind, Spirit and sphere. So again and again we come home to the heart, that knows all. We come home to feel the balance of discipline and surrender. When we begin to lean into the idea of surrendering, of the ego taking the back seat, and with determination of the will power, then we know flow.

What does flow mean? Recently, I came across a venn diagram. In one circle, discipline, in the other circle, surrender. The creation of the middle is flow. I interpret this as the state of pure essence, of pure being. When one comes into the flow state of being, synchronicity from the Universe begins to align. Opportunities come flooding into the sphere. Strangers provide the right information at just the right time we need it. The flow state becomes pure magick because of your due diligence of practice through Hatha yoga. You are balanced.

Balance looks different for everyone. There are many factors that need to be computed and looked at, so no comparison is needed when someone begins to find her balance. Balance means feeling comfortable in your life, means that you responsible for your actions, and that you take care of the important things in your life, instead of having these things run you. When one begins to use yoga practices as means of union, then her entire being becomes balanced. All things around her begin to flow with ease.

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