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Springtime Ritual

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Ritual + Ceremony - Honoring our Ancestors

Through ritual + ceremony we are able to connect with Spirit. For many generations, passed down from elders, we have known, as a species, how important it is to connect to Spirit through ritual + ceremony. When we engage in a mindful ritual, we create an awareness of the present moment. This allows us to be in the presence of loving energy that radiates from the heart space. Why are ritual + ceremony so important? They becomes a sacred reminder that you are connected with Spirit at all times. In these moments that you create for yourself to connect with Spirit, you also connect with your inner home, the heart center.

Spring Ritual

At the turn of each season it can be vitally important to commune with Spirit and feel the changing season that is front of us. During and around spring equinox the energy that is present is one of detox and refresh. Through winter and the past year we may have accumulated items and energy that weigh us down. In order to welcome the freshness of the new season, that is ripe with new life we need to refresh the space around us. We can emerge from the dark nights and winter and embrace longer, brighter days to clear stagnant energy.

Creating Your Own Springtime Ritual

Some key notes on creating your ritual - Stay in the moment and become aware of your body, mind and breath during your ritual + ceremony. The thing is when we move through the action without present awareness of what we are doing, then it becomes just that - doing, without intention! Be here, now and let shakti, creative life force energy, flow through your entire being. You can come into the now by sitting for a few moments on your meditation cushion and breathe deeply. Simply observe anything that arrives in your sphere without judgement and keep breathing. When you feel you are present in the now, you may set the intention to stay present and begin! If we fail to be present and instead carelessly do the movements without focused intention then this can create a spiritual bypass of the sacred present moment that is in front of us. Let us begin!


It's time to take out your smudging tools and put them to use! Sage, sweetgrass and palo santo can be used during this process. Smudging is a way to clear stagnant energy out of your space. Smudge your alter, bedroom, kitchen and living spaces - okay, so pretty much your whole house. During the spring we welcome warmer air, so open the windows after your smudging sessions to really feel the effects of winter being released. Remember this stagnant energy truly can be released when you fully believe and set the intention forth.

Song + Sound

The benefits of using song throughout your ritual sends subtle energy vibrations through your being and the space around you so that can raise your frequency. Sing a song that feels resonate with you, it may be a few verses of your favorite song or create a new tune that comes through to you in the moment. Another way to use sound can be through a singing bowl or instrument of choice. Imagine yourself bringing joy and harmony to your freshly smudged space! Happily dance around the room, carefree of your movement and be here, now.

Set Springtime Journal Intentions

Think about clearing the stagnant. Spring is a time of new life, the flowers blossom and seeds are being watered to bear fruit come autumn. Grab your journal and have a free flow writing session. What would you like to release as this new season arrives? What goals do you have that you would like to see bear fruit? Do some seeds need watering, so you can stay focused on upcoming goals and dreams? How do you imagine to complete these goals? Where can you direct and shift energy so you may thrive in Spring? What energy can you let go of? Are you stuck with a thought pattern, relationship conflict (romantic and platonic), or outdated ideas of reaching your current goal? These questions can help get you started, and please keep writing. Free flow means creating the space and time to allow the words to pour through you. Shakti energy is at its most full potential, as life force creates right in front of you, on paper. What will come through you?

Spring Refresher

When you feel your space is clear you may find yourself cleaning out clothes you do not wear anymore, clutter that can be removed and taken care of, and space that is ready to be refreshed. Adding plants to your space can help remind you to celebrate the freshness spring offers! Buy yourself a new houseplant or bright flowers that can adorn your alter. Release the old, bring in the new! When you create a new space you may more easily welcome new ways of thinking and energy to present itself more easily. During your spring refresher, let this new space you are intentionally creating to be at the forefront of your mind. Imagine you are watering these new seeds as you clear your space.

​Alter Arrangement

Now that you have cleaned, decluttered, and become more clear on your Springtime intentions, it is time to rearrange or create an alter (if you do not already have one). An alter is a scared space that you create, again with thoughtful intention. Your alter acts as a reminder of your goals and dreams, and presents itself as a way to come back into the present moment with Spirit. You may adorn your alter with crystals, mala beads, sacred statues, items found in nature - pinecones, grasses, dried flowers, any offering from Mother Earth, and more! Make this space special to you, something that you can resonate with each time you commune with your alter.

Your alter can be placed in your bedroom, living space, or special room where you can commune and connect with daily. It can be helpful to use space near your alter to enjoy your daily meditation and yoga practice. This way you are infusing your energy in the same space everyday creating a ritual + ceremony of your own.

Delight in Your Creation

After your ritual has been completed, be delighted in the creation you have made! It takes intention and discipline to create ritual for yourself and you can be proud that you created the space to refresh for springtime.

Whenever you feel misaligned, know you can continue to come back to this ritual and make adjustments to what suits you in the particular moment. Creating ritual is a powerful way to say to the Universe, "I intentionally clear stagnant and old energy around me, so I can refresh and delight in the new energy that is so come."

Loving you sister, supporting you in your Springtime Ritual!

xx, Chelsey Breta Moon

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