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Heart Healing, The Subtle Energy Realm

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Over the last few years, my own journey has brought me into the arena of understanding my inner workings as an unfoldment, like a delicate piece of art being transformed onto canvas. Somewhere along the way, I wanted to understand more of the subtle energy realms. I wanted to know what a ritual was, how to create a ceremony, and how to engage with the Higher parts of my being.

I’ll tell you it was messy at first, as I taught myself these ways. At the time I had only observed other’s pictures of ritual and ceremony on social media. I wanted what they had because I could feel the subtle energy of connection behind their pictures and words. I wondered, “what would it be like for me to create that too?”

Three years ago, to this month, I had made a commitment to myself - I was going to develop a practice where I would tune in each morning. Through my years studying yoga, I knew that my asana practice was the place to begin. Each morning I would set up my yoga mat and practice this form of movement. Soon, it was that the moment I began moving my breath would automatically sync up with each movement. Breath allowed me to focus on the physical body’s sensations and to release the busy thoughts of the mind.

It was here that it all began, a refinement of my own subtle energy body. I came to understand the most minute areas of my body, of my mind and the connection the breath had with it all. In this space I had built awareness of Self.

You see when I began this ritual practice, I would try to set a new altar, to practice magic or prayer, it seemed to be rushed through “just to do it.” I wanted this ritual so I did it, that was the mentality at the time. This didn’t actually work so well because the whole idea of subtle energy is to remain present. I quickly learned that intention and presence was everything. This meant that I would have to give myself the space and time to drop into the moment I was creating, just like when I was in my Yoga practice each morning.

The idea of Self-awareness grew within me because I chose to carve out the time to get to know myself through Yoga. It seemed that through my focus of learning to create a daily ritual for myself, I learned also, that healing happens in layers.

The gentleness of a Yoga practice opened doors of understanding, clarity and refinement for myself. It is the most comfortable and safe place I have to go - within. Here, I connect in with Source energy, I can hear and feel the healing taking place. I show up for this work, even in the uncomfortability of facing fears, or past experiences.

I have remained open with a sense of gentle curiosity of what else wanted to show up. The shadow side of the Self seems scary, as do a lot of new things, and through befriending the other end of the light spectrum I came to know deeper places of myself. These places hadn’t been touched since I was a child as I had stored them in the shadow, out of the light of awareness, so I could move on to the next moment.

As children most of our tools are mirrored through other adult figures in our lives, so if we were never taught how to emotionally care for ourselves, our mechanism was to forget and stuff away.

The heart protected herself for me and prepared me for anything else that was to arise. Eventually in my adult years, I found that I had added so many layers of protection around my sweet, gentle, loving heart. Yet, because I listened to my Greater Self, a few years ago to develop a Yoga and ritual practice each morning, I have revealed much of my inner workings to the light. I have felt fortunate to study myself in this way, so I can heal my heart.

It is within this Innerstanding of myself, I share with you the tools that have allowed me to come home to my heart, to myself. Cultivating a daily Yoga practice and ritual leads to a solid foundation in which every move is made from. This foundation is connected with Source energy, the Greater energy within each of us, Spirit. From this Spirit energy, I believe, is where every person connects to the infinite, abundant flowing well of creative energy.

Within the Art of Flow for Women Entrepreneurs, I share these tools that have helped me understand my Inner landscape to heal areas that needed attention. From there, I could access my creative well that has led me to listen to the cycles of my own Self in which I move forward in business and life. Knowing myself on this level and connecting inwardly with Source energy, keeps creative energy flowing through me, so I can always move from the foundation that I have built for myself.

Interested in learning more about the Art of Flow for Women Entrepreneurs? Check out the program here!

May you also discover the space within for healing, growth and Innerstanding!


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