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Moon Minded Journal Entries

I am guessing you are here because you are looking to learn more subtleties of Moon energy and how that fluctuates both above and below. Well, first it begins with awareness of your own moon cycle (menstrual) and how it plays out in your inner world and outer world. Even with slight awareness of your moon cycle, you may notice that patterns sometimes repeat 'moonthly' and tend to play out as emotions, moods, needs, wants, control, ease, grace, etc.

Did you know the few days before Inner Winter, or bleeding, begins is the perfect time in your moon cycle to take a peak at what is arising internally and externally? Take a moment now to see what it is that may be reoccurring within yourself.

---> For example, a pattern I have been watching play out is the feeling of not being seen, heard and appreciated in my partnership. Internally, my body has been sharing that alone time is the best remedy for all parties, but mainly my heart and mind. I need the alone time to calculate where I am not paying attention inside. I have found that there is usually a lack of being seen, heard and appreciated inside if I am projecting outside onto others. Externally, I found myself pushing to strike emotionally charged conversations rather than listen to the longing of having alone time. My intuitive body already knows how beneficial alone time before Inner Winter is for my heart and mind to be loving and stable. So, my body revealed to me that when I dishonor her natural inward time during Inner Fall/Winter, things externally seem harsh and out of flow or alignment especially in my partnership. I feel so grateful to have recognized the web of patterns playing out. I feel grateful to have recognized that I was projected outwardly, when really I needed to sit inside to see, hear and appreciate the root cause.

The pattern became clear to me by using moon minded journal entries. When I write in my journal I begin with the date, followed by my moon cycle phase - Inner Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Then, I complete with where the Moon is transiting through the sky and note if it is waxing (growing to full) or waning (surrendering to dark/new).

---> May 11

---> Inner Spring

---> Waxing Moon in Leo

Over the course of a few moon cycles, I watched this pattern repeat itself those few days before Inner Winter. And what I have learned from creating awareness through this type of moon minded journal entry is that I can take responsibility of my actions. I was able to look back at previous Inner Fall entries to observe if any consistent patterns were at play. This way I can take action and take care of any patterns that do not serve my highest Self.

I've remembered, that emotionally charged conversations are always best left for a more calm state of being. If I need to be seen, heard and appreciated I can actively ask for this to be recognized during my whole cycle, not just during one phase where it has been brewing in the mind. And, I also grew the awareness that maybe there is something inside me that wants to be seen, heard and appreciated. That is why my internal world was asking for alone time in the first place, to discover the roots of insecurity.

What are the patterns that play out for you right before Inner Winter?

Are you curious to keep studying the Self in order to know why patterns are playing out?

xx, Breta Moon

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