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Connection with Spirit - Release Spiritual Bypass

It is the new moon in Aquarius today. I have decided to lay low, enjoy the cold, lightly snowy weather and be present with myself and Spirit. Over many moons now, I have began to feel and resonate with new moon energy. Because I have allowed myself the space to receive Grandmother Moon's wisdom and guidance I feel the energy that a new moon brings. For me it begins to feel that I am connected to my higher self more easily. She then gives gentle visions, reminders, hints of the path I am meant to be on. If I am slightly off course, she gently guides me back towards my dharma path. This usually takes place during asana and meditations for me. The new moon creates an effect on my body and mind and I tune into this, so I may understand the connection with Spirit more.

I feel I may have finally understood spiritual bypassing on my own terms now. I read a lot of astrology reports and sometimes with the alignment of the sky, we are asked to move forward with awareness, and warned to not just "spiritually bypass." I like to understand things by experiencing it myself, so that is what happened here. During the last new moons I have honored the stillness, the offering of vital information for my dharma path, and sat myself down to meditate and receive what is being downloaded to me. In the past I would half-ass sit and quickly journal some new moon intention. It usually seemed to involve a mere superficial idea of what I wanted. Then I would maybe check back in with what was written to see if anything magically came to fruition. More times than not, it has not manifested for me. Why? Because I was spiritually bypassing. And how this felt for me was that I was not present, instead I was distractedly writing something without heart because "it's what you're supposed to do to set intentions." I was bypassing the process of tuning in to the now moment. I was forgetting to feel into my body, my heart and my soul, essentially bypassing the energy that allows for true connection with Spirit.

When I realized this is why my new moon intentions and worldly ideas did not come to fruition it began to make sense. You cannot expect the Universe and Spirit to just hand things to you, without any work being done on your end. The work that needs to be done, is learning to be still in the silence of your body and mind. This is the way to build true connection with Spirit. If you have not put the inner work forth, then you may be forgetting your own worth. When you realize that you are powerful, that you are worthy to receive all of life's greatest gifts, then you also realize it takes discipline of Self to reap these rewards.

A teacher of mine, Usha Anandi, shared a story that has stuck with me. It goes like this, Kali and Brahma were hanging out in the galaxy together. Kali, the fierce Goddess of death, time and remover of ego, said to Brahma, "Let's play a game." "I want you to create the Earth, the plants and all vegetation. And also, sun, moon and sky." Brahma, you see is the creator of the Universe. Deciding to join in on the game, he did what Kali asked and created the Earth. Next, she asked for animals to be created. Again, he created them and returned back to Kali. She still wanted more, so she asked Brahma to create humans on the Earth, along with the plants and animals, so they can live together. As so, he played along and created humans. At this point he was becoming tired and said, "Kali, I have created all this for the game, but I am not sure what game it is that we are playing." She gave him his reply by taking out her sword and chopping him into millions of pieces. She placed these pieces of Brahma into all humans on Earth. Brahma was astounded and could not figure this out. Kali tells Brahma, "The game is for you to remember where all your pieces are, and for you to find yourself as a whole being on the Earth plane."

I love this idea to tie into the connection of Spirit. Kali created a game for all humans to remember their wholeness, to remember they are a piece of Brahma, the creator. If you are spiritually bypassing and forgetting who you are at the core, the creator of your life on Earth, then you will be lacking the connection with Spirit. You cannot move forward, manifest your dreams and desires, if you do not first learn to sit silently with yourself. This is where you need to let go of the fast track, lean in and feel the flow of life that has always been guiding you.

Do you believe this to be true? Can you take a moment to recognize areas where you may spiritually bypass to just "get there?" How does your scared practice of connection with Spirit look for you? You are a unique individual here to remember Brahma within. Always the creator is with you, awaiting your arrival into the present moment to be here, now.

During this new moon, once again I feel the connection with Spirit, guiding me towards the dharma path that is authentically my own. I hear and feel Spirit, sometimes I receive visions as well. I know deeply, that the connection I have uncovered will always lead me in the direction that is best for me. And I know this because I have spiritually bypassed many times and my prayers and intentions were not answered. I see this as moving from ego. Now, though, I listen to my heart, where I feel connection with Spirit at the deepest level.

Hari Om,

Breta Moon

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