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Remaining Open to Receive + Practice

As I write this I remain open to receive what message wants to come through. Staying open to receive allows one to see signs, hear messages through sound, and feel through intuition. There is an abundance of magic and miracles happening now. Can you hear that?

This reception of magic and miracles from the Universe takes place when you are tuned in, tapped in and turned on. So, what does that mean? When aligned in the heart center, you align in the ever present energy of love. I am talking more than the feeling of seeing your lover or best mate. The love that is ever present all the time is the love that moves through everything. Love that is the bee pollinating between flowers. Love is Mother Earth's bounty of food, plants, medicine. Love is the beauty flowing through all beings, creating the feeling of oneness.

Practice entering the love state. Take a moment to enter this space. Gather a few deep and long breaths. Tune into your heart center and imagine a glowing ball of energy move through your being, expanding in warmth. Pause and be here. Follow your breath and see what else you can feel in this state of love. Stay as long as you need with a focus at the heart. Remain here until you can feel sensation. There is no rush to reach this state, allow it to flow naturally. Notice if the mind is busy during this process. The mind may need to flow and release thoughts, but remind the mind to come back to your focus - the heart.

Are you feeling tuned in, tapped in and turned on? When you have arrived in this new frequency vibration, observe what is present. Taking out your journal can be helpful here. Allow yourself to free form write and see what arises for you.

Being in this presence of love allows you to remain open to receive. Begin to know and understand how this frequency vibration feels? How does the rest of the body feel? Do you have activity in the third eye point between the eyebrows? Does you heart feel engorged in sensation? Whatever you experience is valid and unique to you. Keep note of this feeling, so you can practice staying in this frequency vibration for 17 seconds. Then another 17 seconds, and another. If you are strayed away from feeling this good can you observe what grabbed your focus and caused the shift?

Remaining open to receive now becomes a practice. How often can you reside in this space? The more you can hold it within and around you, the more often you will reside in receiving magic and miracles from the Universe. The heart acts as a magnet, attracting these gifts from the Universe. Imagine the possibility of what you can receive with your magnet in this state of receiving. You now have all avenues open because you are at a higher frequency vibration of love. And the Universe only speaks in the language of love. She wants to shower you in magic and miracles. She wants you to see the signs of synchronicity and follows those towards your heart's desire!

Try this on and test it out. See how this can work uniquely for you. Have your journal handy during these mindful moments of practice to stay open to what you can receive. Messages may even come through in your free form writing sessions. Everyone's connection to Universal energy brings up different opportunities, magic and miracles. If you feel you've gained new insights and connection after a week or two of this practice, please share! You can comment below or email Chelsey Breta at

Blessings to you! May you remain open to receive from Universal energy. And remember the Universe is always conspiring to create everything in your favor, especially for you to receive all there is!

In loving attraction and reception,

Chelsey Breta Moon

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