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Resting During Menstruation is Not Being Lazy + 3 Ways to Enhance Your Intuition

The other day I was on the phone with a dear sister and she said, “I used to think you were crazy when you would say to be lazy during menstruation. Then after talking to you more, what you were really saying is to REST! So, I sat with my boys and I allowed them to watch TV and I rested all day.”⁠

I love hearing women step into their RESTING potential and simply pause! Our menstruation is a time for rest and to listen to the intuitive signs coming our way.

I did correct her and remind her that I never said resting is to be lazy, instead it’s a form of listening to the body. Let us not forget that we are instinctual, intuitive, primal mammals. So, we naturally have that animal sense when we need to rest. ⁠

Rest means a RESET for our bodies, minds and moon cycles. Though, we have been conditioned that resting equals laziness in the eyes of the patriarchy's overproduction model. ⁠AND we get to change that!

Have you given yourself hours or even a whole day to simply rest? I mean without the to-do list, chores, excess cleaning, work tasks, etc? Resting means leaving your day-to-day schedule and allowing yourself to reset. Honor your body's needs by tuning into the amount of rest it needs.

3 Ways to Enhance Your Intuition While Resting

  1. Sit in stillness, solitude, quiet. Hone your ability to have clear thoughts and an open imagination. As mentioned above, a woman's intuition is at the highest level while bleeding. What messages and themes are present for you? Taking a long moment to slooow down allows you to be present with what is. This is when downloads and messages come through guiding you on your way for the new Moon cycle.

  2. Tune in with your Divine Spirit Team. Your guides are always awaiting you and there is no better time than to tune in with them than when you are bleeding. This is the time to use your Tarot and Oracle cards and gain insight on Divine messages. Ask for clarity and guidance in areas you have been needing it. Remain open for the signs and symbols.

  3. Be in nature! There is nothing quite like being in nature when you are bleeding. I seem to feel my most connected during this time in my cycle. What do the nature spirits have to share with you? What can you release back to the Earth, energetically, physically, emotionally? Let it go, just as you let go of your sacred waters. (p.s. have you ever tried free bleeding on the Earth?)

Women have always been the caretakers and the nurturers, naturally. It’s time that we model this caretaker role towards our own bodies, to rest when the body says to. This means in order to see respect for our cyclical nature, we have to show ourselves that respect. Then, we can talk to our children, partners and families about our cycle too, so that we can break the cycle of over production without REST.⁠ Everyone around you will begin to follow suit when you lead in this way! And your family dynamic will thrive because you took the time to honor yourself!

Sister, my biggest wish is that we honor the REST when our body asks for it. Tune your dial towards the subtle energy body of intuition. Listen to this Inner Guidance system you have been blessed with, as your own unique barometer of when to rest and how it will look for you!⁠

Here's to honoring rest and not feeling lazy about it! we are not meant to produce and push every single day.⁠

Hugs, ⁠


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