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Spring Equinox

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Awaited is the light,

Longing, we yearned for our

seeds to sprout buds.

Germinating as such we see now

Ones that are growing and the ones

Who had another path for another time.

Spring to our step

Lightness, play abound around.

Reach, will power, drive, focus

and all reveals

Where energy is laid.

Refine and Rise.

Spring equinox, the dawning into the freshness of the year. Awakening, we are to the natural world. Song birds taking flight, reminding us of the inherent beauty that is and always was here. Sleepiness wears off day by day, so we can expand further into the dreams we want to anchor into reality.

This Spring equinox season also kicks off the astrological new year in Aries. Driven by passion, fire, determination, warrior like mentality, it is time to use this fresh year to be brave, energized and rebellious when it comes to Self action. After all, we are the warriors of our own life's path, so let us utilize the energy that is given to us.

Create a Springtime Ceremony

With the shift of the seasons during the wheel of the year, open space to enjoy a ceremony with your favorite themes. This is a particularly great time to smudge and clear stagnant Winter energy. Open windows, play music, sing, dance and play!

Allow your inner child to feel the freedom of walking barefoot upon this year's fresh grasses and take yourself to your favorite spot in nature. Here, open your ceremony through song, meditation, movement. Ask for your Spirit guides and helpers of 100% Light energy to join you. Once arrived into the desired flow state, become clear through journal, tarot or your favorite divination tool to hear answers and see the next step.

Trust into your imagination of what you see, feel and experience. Remain open to nudges, impulses in the body, subtle voices and beyond. When we tune into these subtleties we allow our intuition to increase and create faith and trust with Divinity. Catch these messages so they do not float off without you by writing them down or bringing them into song form.

When you feel ready to close, thank your Spirit helpers and guides for the space in which you received. Say thank you to the space and earth in which you occupied, sending blessings of loving light to all sentient beings. And so it is. As above, so below. As within, so without.

Questions for Deeper Clarity

Who Am I at the center of my being?

How am I offering my gifts and services to the world around me?

What does my future Self feel, look, sound, smell like? Without limitations, imagine her and feel into her. Be here in that moment.

What 'wins' can I celebrate from this week + month?

What are three things I am looking forward to?

What is ending? What is beginning?

As we turn the wheel of the year at Spring equinox, may we remember the greater cycle of the sun that plays through us each day. Each day we rise new, awakened and heightened from the day before. We greet the rising sun and give thanks for these moments of expansion into the lightness of day. May we wrap all beings in blessings of contentment, happiness and joyful love, so they too may know their worthiness. Spread the loving energy around during these times in which the world is shifting.

Know you are loved and love itself,

Chelsey Breta

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