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Beltane, the Fertile Point

Beltane is the midway point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, celebrating fertility, abundance and the beginning of summer! Most often celebrated May 1st, the exact day of Beltane is when the Sun moves into 15 degrees of Taurus. This year of 2021, we will move through the highest energy of Beltane on Tuesday, May 4th. This can be seen as a multiple day celebration of light and abundance!

You'll notice all around you, the abundance of nature's blossoms. Here, the feminine and masculine energies meet in union to bring life unto Earth. The sun radiates down his presence and heightened light waves that have been triggering the budding all throughout Spring. The Earth Goddess receives these light waves and births nature into growth and shares the beauty of flowers, trees, and plants! This divine dance reminds us all that we are capable to balance our own inner energies of the masculine and feminine during this time.

As a beautiful initiation into Summer, we are granted permission to fully bloom! In pagan traditions folks dance around the Maypole, wrapping their intentions in community while celebrating the abundance of this time of year! With that, many rituals, intentions and prayers can be established at this time to focus on what you'd like to harvest come autumn. Below you will find journal prompts to dive into Beltane energy!

Beltane Journal Prompts

  • Where are you experiencing abundance in your life right now?

  • In what areas do you allow yourself to fully bloom?

  • Where is your energy focused right now?

  • What are you seeking to harvest come autumn?

  • How are you committing to your highest growth and evolution?

May you know your worth, your abundance and your connection to Divine Source energy as we traverse the Medicine Wheel of the Year! Use this time of the Taurus season to be in beauty, to ground into your body and to remember your Truth. It's important to limit media stimulation, so you can hear your own essence and what's coming forward at this time!

In love and many hugs!

xo, Breta Moon

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