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Celebrating the Light, Goddess Brigid and Imbolc

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

When this time of the year comes, I become filled with delight and energy of what is coming - the potential of all that can be! After passing through the darkest day of the year, subtly the light is building. From Yule to Imbolc, we see six weeks of refinement of Self and the slow process of planting seeds of intention, practices, and cultivating a new pathway for this coming Wheel of the Year.

Have you heard of Imbolc before? The Goddess Brigid, in Celtic lore, is associated with being the keeper of the light. She uses her cloak to wrap around the hearth of the fire to ensure that the coals stay steadily fueled, as to make it through to Spring Equinox, Ostara.

Goddess Brigid can also be seen as the weaver, poet, and midwife. When seeing beyond the physical context, I envision Brigid as the midwife between the veils of time. When the darkness and inner journeying of winter seem to be carrying on long enough, Brigid steps in to remind everyone of us, that surely the light is coming to fill our beings with hope. It is up to us during this time of Imbolc, traditionally celebrated the night of February 1 through February 2, to literally and figuratively plant seeds for the year.

Here are some ways to celebrate the light that is upon is and honor the Goddess Brigid -

  • You can start by lighting white candles symbolizing purity and green candles to bring forward the flourishing green life that abound in due time! This is also a way to keep the fire light within your heart, keeping the seeds of passion alive!

  • Make a Brigid's Cross. This video shows how to make the cross. Before you begin, open with loving intention and ceremony (see two bullet points down for a ceremony idea)!

  • Plant seeds - these can be physical seeds planted that you will nurture with your loving attention. You can also plant the seeds of your dreams by physically writing them in your journal. To ensure these seeds are honored, you can create a ceremony around Imbolc.

  • Here is last year's blog post with an example of an Imbolc + Goddess Brigid ceremony.

  • Simply pause and honor the inklings of springtime's coming energy.

  • What else are you calling in? Use your journal and free write for 15 minutes on what is stirring inside of you that wants to be birthed into the world. Think big and know you are supported in your endeavours!

Remember, the light is coming! To honor the darkness of the feminine half of the year brings wisdom gained into the light of the masculine half (Spring + Summer). So, we shall know the darkness in order to know the light.

I hope this inspires you to look up the power and energy of Goddess Brigid and the symbolic nature of Imbolc with the coming of the light. (It's so much more than the hyped up groundhogs day we have blindly followed in the United States.)

Many blessings of celebration as the Wheel of the Year turns another notch! What will this year hold for you? All potential of life lies within a seed. How will you intentionally plant yours?

Hugs and warmth and love, coming to you as Breta and embodiment of the Goddess Brigid, and midwife of the veils of transformation!

xo, Breta!

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