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Yule, Winter Solstice

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

The longest night of the year takes place during Yule, or Winter Solstice. Leading up to this turn of the year we are reminded to finish composting all that no longer serves our highest good and the good of others. The final sweeping clean of the Self, to cleanse, clear and purify. Now, it's time to lay to rest the old and welcome the new. It's an important time to become clear on what is is that you are releasing by writing it down. Welcome a free flow writing exercise of around 15-20 minutes to really see what it is you are letting go of. Then, you can also write down what you are welcoming in this new year. Think BIG as it is for a whole year ahead with limitless possibilities!

As we embrace the longest night of the year, we can welcome celebration that the light is to come. Often times celebrations of this coming light include fires, songs and music in community or a ritual at home honoring the light and dark. As the sun rises the next day, the sun enters rebirth and brings increasing light each day. We have made it through the darkest time of the year. At Yule, we welcome a new SUN season by turning the Wheel of the Year. Still, during this time of darker days of winter we are asked to keep hibernating, by turning inward and slowing down, so we can receive visions, hear messages, and feel into what is ready to be birthed during this new Wheel of the Year. All of this is something to celebrate, as we cannot know the light without also knowing the darkness during the year.

Be slow, be gentle and honor the truth that is being revealed to you. Whatever is it that is showing up is for your highest good, even if it is something tough to swallow. Great Spirit is guiding you, holding your hand along the way.


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