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This group mentorship is for Women who are desiring to understand their relationship of the menstrual cycle and fertility.

When we self-direct our lives and include our moon cycle as the main factor of our energy, our lives, homes and businesses thrive! We look through the lens of science, physiology and the 'woo' to anchor this understanding into wholeness across the dimensional awareness we move through.
So that if we are calling a babe forth, we can intentionally know our bodies best for the preconception preparation.

Course Objectives

Slide into cyclical rhythms and shift out of the hustle & burnout culture of the linear model to welcome in rest and synchronization of the cycles at play

Particularly great for those wondering about key fertility symptoms and how to build an intimate relationship with your moon cycle to call in a child

Cultivate moon cycle scheduling awareness & better understand seasonal shifts mirrored by nature herself, such as birth, death and rebirth 

This is the feminine essence of cultivating relationships, your environment, and Inner World to be in aligned action by allowing your intuition to guide you

What's Included

What's Included?

8 Weekly Group Zoom Sessions


Ritual & Ceremony Kit


2x 1:1 Connect Calls


Moon Cycle Scheduling Workbook


Mighty Networks Community Lifetime Access

Begins March 14th




Foundation of Fertility 

As we meet for the first time we begin to take a look at the foundation we stand upon now, dive into the stories we have around the moon cycle and get really clear within our energetic boundaries.


Moon Cycle Education

What’s really going on here?  Together we will explore the physiology, anatomy and hormonal makeup of the female body, so you can better understand how the body works. Then we open into Moon Cycle Scheduling and the basis of how to apply for your unique cycle.  This section is two weeks in length to really absorb all the information.


Full Moon Cacao Ceremony 

When we build a relationship with ourselves first, we prioritize ourselves with loving attention and nourishment. During our final weeks together we close our time with a seasonal ceremony to note all you've gained in this mentorship program. 

You will be mailed specific ritual items as the season allows


The Self-Directed Woman

Going a step further from the last module, how can we cycle sync our lives so flow comes easier? We talk about food, environment and seasonal cycle syncing.



How we hold boundaries shows us how we operate in the world, so that we can better understand the feedback loop from an eagle eye perspective.


Intuitive Body & Closing 

When understanding how interwoven the subtle energy body is with the feminine, we see how to liberate dense energy and manifest what is meant for us. This means listening to the intuition (gut feeling) every single time, remembering the power that lies within!

Want to
know more?

Please book a connect call with Brēta if you're desiring to know more


Testimonials from your Sisters

"Thank you for sharing the art of flow with me and walking beside me as I rediscovered parts of myself long neglected. Thank you especially for teaching me more about fertility and the moon cycle, which was a huge step in nurturing my physical self. Our work together helped me restructure and find home in myself again. I am better at slowing down, grounding, and connecting with my body; your knowledge helped me build a strong foundation to keep moving forward in building consistent, committed practices. - Suzanna P

Doing the Art of Flow has been such a nourishing experience! Breta is super professional and knowledgeable, holding the community with love & care. Her passion is infectious, her expertise flawless, and this program has not only been so educational & key for me moving forward on my path towards pregnancy, but super bonding & nurturing as a woman within a tapestry of sisters, as well. The community was icing on the cake, an unexpected surprise of loving sharing & connectivity. I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to slow down, rebalance themselves, and honor the Feminine Yin Medicine of Life! - Tina C

For any woman in different stages in her life this course is beneficial. Brēta creates a safe community of women and shares with us vital information for all women to live and function happily and healthier. I am so grateful for my experience and all that opened up for me in taking this course. - Sonia M

I want you to know how much of a positive impact you've had on the evolution of my life, Breta. It was the practice of honoring the cycles within and around me that helped me get grounded and find stillness to really evaluate and listen to my higher self, to hear spirit. Thank you for what you put into the world every day. You're amazing and you're changing the world for the better! 💕🥰 - Nooshi D.

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