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6 Self-Care Practices We Can All Amp Up Right Now

This morning as I was in my morning ritual, I was receiving so many messages from my body. As I moved through my mindful movement practice, accompanied by the breath, I was reminded how important it is that ALL of us come back to our bodies each morning.

I say the morning because it is the auspicious time of the day, the beginning, where we get to set the foundation for which our day will unfold upon. It is here we connect into our Inner Worlds, where Source energy lies.

During these ever changing, shifting, polarizing times, we can feel off center, distracted, falling into old patterns, a sense of hopelessness. Yet, by connecting to morning ritual we can arrive at the feet of the Divine to pray, ask for guidance, and ground into the ever still presence of our Spirit that resides in our Souls.

We chose to come here during this time on Earth to be the stewards in which we again, create right relationship to all living beings. We chose to be the the shining lighthouse among the darkness, for our Soul family to swim towards.

It is vitally important for us to come home to our Inner Worlds by creating the habits of daily Self-Care.

Gone is the time of neglecting our inherent needs because it's not modeled in main stream media. We are the ones here to re-pave the path.

Enjoy these 6 Self-Care Practices for reseting and re-centering yourSelf.

  • 1) REST - During the moments of rest our body relaxes. This means that the body can then regulate and process all of the information that it has been absorbing. Often times, when the body is resting and still, ideas and messages are received.

  • 2) RITUAL - How you spend time with yourself matters. In these moments, come into a ritual with your actions, so you can be in full presence. This can look like praying, meditation, journaling, sacred movement in the body, reading an inspiring book, and so much more!

  • 3) GATHERING - Gather with people who uplift you, encourage you and genuinely want the best for your evolution. Coming together with your Sisters creates a powerful energy that can leave your cup overflowing. Immerse yourself in community as much as you can. We need the strength and support that being in community offers. We are stronger together!

  • 4) SELF MASSAGE - During these shifting times on Earth, coming back to the body with gentle self massage can recalibrate your nervous system. This serves as a reminder of the loving simplicity we can all take to come back to presence.

  • 5) MINDFUL MOVEMENT - Creating a practice that involves mindful movement allows you to remain in the body. There's much stimulation of the mind happening right now. Coming back to the body + breath is a big player in the Self-Care category! We humans are not meant to be in fight or flight all the time (aka stressed out or in fear). Regulate your body and breath for a steady mind.

  • 6) PLANT ALLIES - Commune with plant allies. The plants are here for us as we traverse these times. Be in presence and have intention when working with your desired plant allies. Communing in a sacred way with Ganja Ma allows me to tap into the flow that is authentically mine for the day. What are your favorite plants and herbs to connect with?

Follow along with me on my Instagram where I share tips on morning ritual, foundations, moon cycle scheduling and so much more! @moonrise.ritual

Thank you for being here and investing this time for yourself to come home and remember your True Nature of rest, ease, relaxation and Self-Care!! May you be well and steady,

XO, Breta

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