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In the Height of Summer, Rest

The one thing I cannot share enough is resting. Four years ago I was a completely different person. I was involved with my own victim story, creating stressors and living them out. This caused me to lose my sacred moon blood for FIVE months!! (I'll create a blog post on this one day!)

Since then, the number one thing I began to embrace is REST. Even in the height of summertime and my own Inner Summer (of my moon cycle) I make sure I take adequate amounts of rest. And you can too!! I recently wrote a blog, "6 Self Care Practices We Can All Amp Up Right Now," and REST is the first one to tend to.

After big goals and trips, I rest. I take naps, meditate, journal, dance and read in my book, "Outrageous Openness," by Tosha Silver.

Make sure you rest- it's how the body integrates all the fullness and playfulness of this sweet summertime. The body needs these moments so it doesn't get overwhelmed.

Here's my summertime check in! Enjoy this photo gallery!

  • Setting the goal of interviewing 30 women on cyclical living and launching the Conscious Uplevel Summit was a huge win for me! I proved to myself that when I have a goal, I can complete it. (I used to have this story that as an Aries sun I was only good at starting projects, not finishing them..) P.S. If you haven't checked out the summit yet, you can still access all the replays! Click the link above!

  • Then, all my body was saying was to retreat and spend time in nature, so I did just that! My partner, doggie and myself went to the river to enjoy time in the sun and water during one of the major heat waves, 113 degrees! I rested, splashed around, and made delicious food in the great outdoors - one of my favorite things to do.

  • In between all of this I have been floating the river near my home to stay cool and to unwind from the whirlwind that is summertime!

  • This year, with the help of knowledgable friends I was able to grow my first garden! It has been a learning curve and so rewarding. I love that I get to have a medicinal herb garden and fresh veggies right outside my door. I keep hearing the reminder to put food up- dehydrating and canning it for times when we may need it, so I listen and have been doing just that.

  • Soon after, I traveled to an all women's gathering in the Tahoe National Forest, Origin's Gathering! Here I connected with women and my primal self. There is something about being naked in the forest with only women. I kept saying, "I'm reprogramming my brain to see every woman, body and authentic expression as beautiful and the Goddess in form.

  • Now, the adventures continue as we are off to celebrate a family member's wedding and a birthday! We head out to Idaho and Montana soon.

  • Speaking of these gorgeous states, I have been receiving the ping of moving back. So I have been tuning in with Spirit asking for guidance of where and when we will make the move out of Southern Oregon. Life is exciting and full!

Thank you for tuning into this summertime update! As I continue to remain in full presence of all that is in front of me, I want to remind you that I will be opening up a Moon Cycle Scheduling Masterclass sometime in August/September (TBA) & I will also host a round of the Art of Flow Group Mentorship around Samhain for the 6 weeks between Hallow's Eve and Winter Solstice. The veil is thinnest and the deep, dark feminine in her most primal energy. A potent time to travel inwardly and lean into your unique flow!

May you be grounded, may you be well, may you be thriving!

Xo, Breta Moon

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