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Why I Will Never Allow Myself to Experience Burnout Again

First, My Story with Burnout

To best understand, I'll share a bit of my story and make it quick enough for your reading eyes.

In 2017 I found myself working multiple part time jobs, teaching yoga from an empty (spiritual) cup, and in a living situation that left me super stressed out all the time. This loop I was caught in had me complaining to those I loved, while desperately seeking their support, even though I wasn't creating new situations for myself to thrive.

This had continued for months and then one day my body had finally said enough. I lost my sacred moon waters for five months. It takes a lot for the body to do this and stop the ovulation process altogether, so I knew I needed a change. I had officially burnt out. I used all my extra energy reserves and my body told me so.

"I had officially burnt out"

A trip to Glacier National Park changed it all for me, as I found myself at an off-grid cabin in the middle of nowhere, remembering what it was like to be in solitude and have time to be in nature. I felt at home, at peace within myself. Then I received the intuitive download, that I needed to move back to the quiet goat ranch in Northern California. So I listened and set my plans to arrive in the autumn.

Only two weeks after arrival on the ranch, my sacred waters came back! I couldn't believe it! I had rested and dove into healing books such as Woman Code, by Alissa Vitti, to reset my overall wellbeing.

It took me on a long, internal healing journey. I found myself mostly quiet two years before I felt that I was ready to offer myself in service again. And even then, it has been slow for me as I balance a job and starting a small business.

Life Lessons and Tools to Help Get on Track After Burnout

And here I am, so now let me tell you why I will never allow myself to burn out again. These are my own life lessons that may resonate with you too. And tools that are practical to refresh the body and mind after experiencing burn out.

  • After my cup was empty, I had to teach myself to REST. I had to lean into the Universe and trust that all was being provided for me and that it was okay to rest during the two years I lived on the ranch. I had to build this intimate relationship with rest to allow my body to recalibrate.

    • Often times in our culture we feel pressure to produce, to engage or show up. This constant overdrive leaves us feeling depleted and if we give in to the pressure, we can drain ourselves even more.

  • I learned to eat according to my moon cycle, which eventually led me to moon cycle scheduling. This became a delicate dance to learn the Art of Flow, which I now offer as a group Mentorship. (The next one begins November 2)

  • Now, there is no need to feel a rush mentality, nor to push for something to come my way. This has taken me a while to understand, especially when you feel the core has been stripped to bare roots. Usually when I feel these energies come on, it's time to check in again and see where I am trying to push for my agenda.

  • This time of my life has been a surrender to the Divine Will that is always at play. I learned I cannot push my way to get what I want, rather I can be an open vessel to receive what is meant for me in my highest timeline. This is the Universe conspiring in my favor at all times, even when something comes my way that I don't like, there is always a lesson underneath the surface.

  • I go with the flow and listen to my Moon Cycle as the greatest teacher by embodying the four seasonal phases. Inner Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn. When I came to better understand these hormonal changes in my body, I could work with them and not against them.

  • I began to listen to my body's sign and symptoms. If I was tired, I rested. If I was overstimulating, I took a break from the screens and went outside. If I found myself angry, irritable I asked why and remembered my Moon Cycle phase.

These tools are woven into my everyday practice now, that I can't imagine how I used to live my life on constant fatigue and burnout.

I wonder if these tools spark any interest in you too? Do you resonate with this story? If so and you are looking for support in community or working 1:1, please reach out!

To releasing the fatigue and burnout culture and renewing the sense of wholeness within! This is the medicine we need most right now - to slow down, rest and reset! Thanks for being here.

Xo, Breta

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